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Birth Begins Childbirth Classes

Deana Szeto, Childbirth Educator
Birth begins ...
a new season, a new journey, a new life
...with the unknown, with preparation, with the heart

About Me (Deana Szet0)

I'm a certified childbirth educator through ICEA.
Born, raised, and serving in the (East) Bay Area

I've always been interested in all things babies: where they come from, how they're born, why they behave the way they do, and how to care for them. Over time, my curiosity has turned into a passion for working with families in pregnancy, birth, early parenting, and infant development.

As a childbirth educator, I love facilitating meaningful discussions with birthing families to explore their unique goals, values, and perspectives. It's my joy to support expectant parents as they discover the knowledge, skills, and inner strengths for successfully navigating their birth & parenting journey. Grounded in my background of Child Development and infant teacher, I am sensitive to the challenges and needs of parents & babies throughout the childbearing year.

What my work has taught me: To be more open and flexible. I'm notorious for planning everything in crazy detail, but birth and children often hand us the unexpected.

My favorite things to do: read a good book, paint watercolor, bake cookies, and spend time with my family and my dog Finn.

About Me

Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Prep Series

Comprehensive childbirth class covering all the key topics for standard childbirth preparation. Essential for first-time parents or those who have not yet taken a full childbirth prep series.

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One Day Prep

Condensed childbirth preparation in a single day. Ideal for parents seeking a review of key information or those who are unable to attend a full childbirth prep series.

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Topic Lessons

Only need information or support in specific area? Choose 1 or 2 topics from the available listing to fit your individual needs.

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Why Cherry Blossoms

Why Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms, or sakura, are most commonly associated with Japan. The blooming of these beautiful flowers mark the beginning of spring and coincides with the beginning of the Japanese calendar. Cherry blossoms bring hope to the start of a new season or year, symbolizing renewal and rebirth. 

In Chinese culture, cherry blossoms signify love and passion. They also represent the power of female beauty and sexuality. 

In my eyes, cherry blossoms perfectly capture what pregnancy, childbirth, and the journey to parenthood are all about. 

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