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What Drew Me

Growing up, I always gravitated towards taking care of young children, especially babies. Everything about infants inspired my curiosity. I became obsessed with uncovering the grand mysteries of babies. How do they come into the world? How can we understand their secret language of communicating with us? How can we nurture them best?

For my formal education, I attended Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo to earn my degree in Child Development. My professor of Infant Development showed The Business of Being Born in class. The film spoke to those questions I had as a child, broadened my perception of what birth could look like, and opened my eyes to the way birth shapes us as humans. Also during college, I interned at a breastfeeding clinic working with postpartum mothers and newborns. What amazed me most was women's miraculous ability to grow and nourish new life, as well as the incredible depth of the mother-baby bond.


My Philosophy

My work as a childbirth educator is uniquely enhanced by my Child Development background. Child Development is not just about the growth of individual children or early education, although those aspects are certainly fundamental and invaluable. But another essential aspect is parent-child relationships. I am passionate about parenting and highly value the wellness of families as a whole. Having worked with infants and parents in both a clinic and day care setting, I am sensitive to the concerns, challenges, and needs of early parenthood.

All of these experiences and values are within me as a childbirth educator. I care deeply about every individual’s birth experience—for the birthing person, the partner, and the baby. Birth is a physiological process and often a medical event, but moreover, it is a rite of passage. Birth matters for the well-being of women and men alike as they become parents. Birth matters for the well-being of babies, setting a foundation for their health and attachment to caregivers. And birth matters for families as they enter a new season of life. It is my joy and honor to support expectant parents on their journey.

My Path to Birth Work

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