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Childbirth Prep Series

Description: Comprehensive childbirth class covering all the key topics for standard childbirth preparation. Essential for first-time parents or those who have not yet taken a full childbirth prep series. See below for topics covered and other details.

Where & When: No class dates currently available

Class Fee: $335.00

Class Size: 2 min - 7 max, spot includes birthing person and one support partner

Young Couple Expecting
Course Details

This class series aims to prepare expecting parents (physically and emotionally)  for their upcoming birth & baby by using a combination of: evidence-based information, visual aids, videos, demonstration & practice of various labor coping techniques, engaging activities, thought-provoking discussion with other expecting parents, and a take-home folder of helpful handouts.

This series meets over 4 sessions (3 hours each) which allows for a more in-depth learning experience, more questions, and more community building compared to a one-day course.



After the births, I host a reunion gathering for parents to share birth stories and meet the babies. This is offered at no extra cost and is dependent on parent interest. 

Topics include:

  • informed decision making

  • birth planning

  • progression of labor (including stages of labor, helpful strategies throughout, and variations)

  • partners/labor support companions

  • coping & comfort measures (including breathing, relaxation, and more)

  • pain medications

  • medical procedures & complications

  • newborn procedures

  • breastfeeding

  • postpartum

What to bring or wear:

  • *Birth/exercise ball (Typically available on Amazon or fitness stores between $15-30)**

  • Pillow(s)

  • Food and drink allowed

  • Dress comfortably (We move around for activities)

  • Folder of handouts (You will receive a folder at the first meeting. Please bring to every class meeting.)

*Birth ball is used for practice of various labor positions, increasing comfort for pregnant bodies, and are a great tool for soothing fussy newborns. Birth balls are highly recommended and a reasonable, worthwhile investment. If you are truly unable to purchase/find a birth ball, I ask that participants share during class. 

**Please make sure birth balls are the appropriate size for your height/weight and properly inflated.

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