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Online Childbirth Prep

Young Mother
Course Details

​This online childbirth prep series is designed to help expecting parents prepare (physically AND emotionally) for their upcoming birth by using a combination of: evidence-based information, interactive features (polls, trivia, class discussion/chat), visual aids, videos, guided practice for coping & comfort techniques, and a digital folder of helpful handouts.

4 sessions, each session is between 1.5-2 hours depending on class needs

Topics include:

Session I: Birth Planning & Labor Overview

  • communication w/ care providers

  • informed decision making

  • birth planning

  • stages of labor (physical & emotional changes, and helpful strategies throughout)


Session II: Coping & Comfort Measures

  • understanding the nature of labor pain

  • coping strategies

  • partners/labor support companions

  • practical comfort measures

  • labor positions


Description: Engaging online childbirth class where you can ask questions and have discussions in live time. This course covers the essentials of standard childbirth preparation. Ideal for first time parents. See below for topics covered and other details.

Where & When: Zoom Meeting Link will be emailed following registration. Dates coming soon (not yet available).

Class Fee: $250.00

Class Size: 1 min - 5 max, spot includes birthing person and one support partner

Session III: Understanding Medical Procedures

  • interventions vs. solutions

  • monitoring the baby in labor

  • induction: when labor needs help getting started

  • augmentation: when labor needs help moving along

  • epidurals (benefits, risks, and helpful strategies)

  • cesarean birth

Session IV: Newborns & Postpartum

  • newborn procedures

  • basics of breastfeeding & infant feeding

  • postpartum (physical, emotional, and relationship changes, plus strategies for care)


  • This class is meant to be attended live for the best experience. Please do your best to join every live session. If you cannot make a live session, please notify me 48 hours prior to the class meeting and I will gladly send a recording.

  • The class will be recorded for the primary purpose of the instructor’s self-evaluation, review, and improving future classes. I ask for your consent to be recorded.
    *Recordings will not be available to parents unless they notify me 48 hours prior that they are unable to attend.


  • Zoom Meeting Invitations will be sent in the Welcome Email following registration.

  • Prior to each session, you will be emailed handouts/worksheets for that upcoming meeting. It is highly recommended that you print those materials and/or have them accessible to you during the sessions so that we can discuss them together. After each session, you will also receive the presentation slides.
    *No-shows without explanation will not have access to these handouts or slides.

    Please have the following items for class:

  • Smart phone or other secondary device (for doing an online poll/trivia)

  • Paper & pen if you wish to take notes

    During Session II - Coping & Comfort Measures, we will practice different labor positions and techniques.
    Items requested:

  • Ice & towel or paper towel

  • Adequate space to move around

  • Pillows / mats

  • Chair(s)

  • Birth/exercise ball (Not required but highly recommended if you’d like to use one for your birth)

    If you do not have access to certain items or do not have the means to buy them, please let me know ASAP and we can figure out a different arrangement. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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