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Topic Lessons

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Available Topic Lessons

Your Birth Path (1.5-2 hour)

A large part of birth preparation is navigating your birth choices and deciding what is best for you. Another key part is employing both flexibility & openness to make the best of what is beyond control. In this topic lesson, we take time to: go over any information you might seek regarding birth options & procedures; discover & articulate what you really want for your birth; learn skills to communicate your preferences with your care provider; and engage in an openness exercise.

Coping & Comfort Measures (2-2.5 hour)

This topic lesson is designed for expectant parents who are seeking pain management strategies beyond the use of medication. We will explore the nature of labor pain, the 3 R's of coping with labor, and simple non-pharmacological comfort measures . We also practice breathing, non-focused awareness, massage, counter pressure, and labor & birth positions. By the end of this session, you will have broadened your toolkit for labor and have a greater sense of which strategies work best for you.

Postpartum Preparation (1.5-2 hour)

The first days or weeks at home with a newborn can feel daunting, maybe even overwhelming, for any new parent. Face the postpartum period with more confidence by preparing before baby is here. In this topic lesson, we will: discuss common changes in emotions & relationships; learn how to aid your body's physical recovery; anticipate challenges that are most likely to arise & map out manageable solutions; and list & gather all your support resources.

Breastfeeding (2-2.5 hour)

While breastfeeding is a natural process, it is also an art that mother and baby learn together. This topic lesson is designed to help you get breastfeeding off to the best start and plan ways to sustain your breastfeeding relationship. We will cover: anatomy & physiology of milk production, birth practices that may influence breastfeeding, reading your baby's hunger cues, latch & positioning, and signs your baby is getting enough milk. We also take the time to explore your breastfeeding goals, identify your support resources, and plan your return to work.

*This is designed to be prenatal preparation for breastfeeding. It does not replace the medical advice of a fully certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). 

Fathers / Partners (1.5-2 hour)

This one is all about the dads or partners! Let's honor the unique passage to parenthood that you are embarking on. You journey alongside the expectant mother, but you also have your own flurry of excitement and concerns.  We will address your experience of the pregnancy thus far, discuss common concerns of fathers/partners, learn support tips for the labor room, and uncover the qualities of a good birth partner & parent that you already possess!

Description: Topic lessons are  1-2 hour private meet ups to provide information and support in a specific area. They are designed to be more intimate than a full class, with more in-depth discussion and/or exercises tailored to your individual needs. See below for topic listing.

Where & When: Not yet available. Coming soon.

Class Fee:  $40.00/hour

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